Monnalisa Couples Boudoir is an intimate session designed to remind you of the connection between the two of you!

There are very few Couple Boudoir photography studios that work with couples, I am proud that I have been featured for my couples work, and welcome couples into the studio.

As a matter of fact, there are few photographer studios nationwide that work with couples in this manner. It is a special session that requires discipline and an ability to really help people to feel comfortable.

My couples boudoir clients have been thrilled with their images, so much so that they hang them in their homes! Wall art is a fantastic way to show off your beautiful portraits, and couples portraits are unique and different.

Couples boudoir sessions can range from being fun and playful, to super sexy and intimate. You decide the rules and the style, overall the sessions are sexy and fun, and a reminder to couples of the steamy connection that they share. The Gender is not a matter, LOVE is LOVE.

I am a couples boudoir photographer based in Rochester, NY and shooting worldwide.

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Please note: the images in this gallery are adult-oriented.